Enomatic has world class designers which is what makes our systems stand above the competition. All Enomatic systems can fit neatly side by side.

The high quality dispensers are sleek and designed to be a centerpiece anywhere you put them. The can be freestanding units on a counter or built into bars or other architectural designs.


Our industry leading wine preservation systems can preserve wine for up to 21 days.

Our wine preservation systems detect low/empty gas tanks and notify via display screens on the systems and in the Enomatic software. Enomatic systems have “fail-safe” measures so that in the event of power failure or running out of gas does not compromise the preservation of the wine. Our wine preservation systems allow you to change bottles with ease without compromising the preservation of the other bottles. The length of preservation depends on the attributes of each wine and may vary with variety.

Enomatic has world class designers which is what makes our systems stand above the competition. All Enomatic systems can fit neatly side by side but specifically the enoONE  and Roma Unica are designed to be modular. For a seamless look the Roma Unica can span distances are far as you need to create a unique look.

These high quality dispensers are sleek and designed to be a centrepiece anywhere you put them. The can be freestanding units on a counter or built into bars or other architectural designs.

The Roma Unica modular system is designed to fit seamlessly side by side to fit long display walls. Our wine dispensing systems are meet all health and sanitary industry standards.

  • No cleaning needed | when replacing with the same wine
  • No cleaning needed | when switching wine type if you use different straw (included).


Like all beverage dispensing systems there will always be some form of cleaning schedule to reduce build-up of residue and to prevent bacteria growth.

Cleaning Schedule:

  • 1-month – Cleaning | Minimum suggested:
  • 3-month – Sanitation | Minimum suggested: Hot water rinse with food
    grade citric acid

Software Reporting

All of our Roma Unica Series of wine dispensers are network aware and connect to the enoSoft Software. Our enoSoft Professional software can handle multiple POS stations within a Local Network. Enomatic offers more ways to serve your customers. Our wine dispenser systems have a variety of modes to fit any situation.


  • Anonymous
  • Back Bar
  • Loyalty
  • Restaurant
  • VIP


The Enomatic wine dispensing systems have pour detection so you can track every millilitre sold using our professional software. All of our wine dispensers have empty bottle alerts and our Roma Unica series will also send alerts through the enoSoft software. The Roma Unica line of Enomatic systems have customisable displays. Freedom to display wine name, brand, wine descriptors, or more.

Enomatic can automate your happy hour and save you time. It can be set to automatically go into happy hour mode during specified days and times you choose. You can specify which wines in your inventory have happy hour pricing. Happy hour pricing can be set manually or the software can automatically generate a discount percentage based on price.

EnoSoft software can generate reports tracking buying trends to help you target the styles of wine that engage your customers and can generate sales reports based on brand and/or even wine varietal as well as generate sales reports on each bottle position.

Enomatic software EnoSoft can create highly detailed reports for you to integrate into your current business workflows. Our wine dispensers have specialised cards for different tiers of users. This allows customers and employees to interact with the dispensers without the ability to tamper with important settings. Our innovative quick release system makes it not only quick to change bottles it also eliminates the need to clean when changing same wine bottles.

Security & Safety

Our Roma Unica series wine dispensers have locks to keep the wine bottles safe from underage employees and theft and can have Smartcard Access Control. You can limit access to the system to as little or to as many smartcards as you want.
NSF (National Science Foundation) certification is your key to making sure that the products you use meet strict standards for public health protection.

All of our products are NSF Certified.

Our wine dispensers are sealed systems from the bottle to the tap so no contaminates can stop you from enjoying the perfect glass of wine.


Our wine cooling systems can be set to any temperatures between 6° – 18°.  The Roma Unica systems have commercial grade compressor cooling units and can preserve multiple types of wine in a single unit while keeping them at optimal temperatures for preservation.

The Benefits of Compressor Cooling

  • Powerful Operation: Roma Unica Compressor cooled wine refrigerators have a much more powerful cooling capacity.
  • Adapts to Environmental Stress: Compressor cooled wine refrigerators can better adapt to varying temperatures and extra heat loads, keeping a stable internal temperature despite environmental conditions.
  • Our wine cooling systems are made with the highest quality components and standards to reduce noise. Our systems make less noise than a residential refrigerator.

Bottle Changing

Our wine preservation systems use high quality pistons that can adjust to fit any standard wine bottle. Enomatic uses top of the line food grade bottle tubes that are tested to withstand years of use in commercial environments. Our purpose driven fold down door design reduces the amount of spillage caused by obstructive or swinging doors.

All of our wine dispensers gently lift the bottle securely into place and eliminate any dripping from inside of the system.

Just open the bottle and you are ready to go! Change of bottle can be as quick as 10 seconds (per bottle).

Pour Automation

Enomatic wine dispensers have the 3 types of pour settings prevent to help you sell more wine.

  • Taste
  • Half Pour
  • Full Pour

All are fully customisable to any value.


One year manufacturers Warranty support.

Full calibration, Installation and Certified Training available.

Telephone and live hook up available if required.

World leader in wine dispensers