Unica Bag is ideal for...

Wedding Venues

Purchase wine in large formats, then serve it with precision and efficiency for greater profit margins and wine list quality.

Cellar Doors

With total control over both the volume and the sales, Unica Bag is ideal for wineries with retail outlets.


Using the same functionality as your existing beer taps, Unica Bag can be used to upgrade your wine list.

Precise & Efficient for High Volume

The enomatic Unica Bag machine is designed to dispense wine from, cask wine bags, featuring a standard configuration of four sections, each holding 5L.

We can also customise this machine for large format KeyKegs – such as 30L – allowing for accurate dispensing in high volume outlets such as wedding venues, sporting events or festival booths.

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Integrated Software & Connectivity

Unlock the full potential of your wine service with the Unica Bag's integrated software and connectivity features.

Seamlessly monitor and control your wine inventory, track pour statistics, and adjust settings remotely for optimal performance.

Whether you're managing a bustling wine bar or a lively wedding venue, stay ahead of the curve with the Unica Bag machine's advanced technology.

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Versatile Applications

Experience the ultimate flexibility with the Unica Bag.

Compatible with our Unica 4 and Unica 8 models, this machine can be used to create combinations that satisfy all your wine dispensing needs.

From small bistros to large-scale venues, the Unica Bag machine adapts to any environment, delivering exceptional performance every time.

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Technical Specifications
  • Model: Unica Bag 4/r Refrigerated
  • System use: behind bar (without wine card) or self-service (with wine card)
  • Installation: professional installation required
  • Internal bags: capacity of 4 x 5,000ml (can be customised to work with KeyKegs of 10-30L)
  • Power requirements: 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz, 120 W
  • Dimensions: 53.1cm (L) x 70.4cm (H) x 43.3cm (D)
  • Weight: 37kg
  • Wine storage temperature: 6°C – 18°C
  • Gas supply: not required
  • Pour volumes: 1 free, or up to 3 programmable
  • Material: stainless steel and glass
  • Display: customisable, touchscreen, 7” colour LCD, brightness 800cd, side viewing angle of 140°
  • Lighting: Internal cool white LED (4000K)
  • Data connection: LAN, WIFI, or USB
  • Door: insulated glazing with magnet closure, assisted tilt system, key lock
  • Refrigeration system: Reciprocating compressor, R600a or R290 refrigerant gas
  • Supply pressure control: dispenser inlet, dispensing
  • Maintenance: light signal for tap cleaning, separate for each bottle
  • Card reader: SLE4442 chip, RFID ISO/IEC144443A/B (MIFARE), barcode or QR code scanner optional
  • Accessories included: PETG glass shelf, 2+2 divider, label holder frame, 4 stainless steel bag boxes, 4 label holders for box
  • Machine
  • Cleaning kit with back-up essential parts
  • Instruction handbook
  • 2 keys for the door
  • Card set (1 Manager Card, 1 Staff Card, 2 Start-Up Cards)
  • PETG glass shelf
  • 2+2 divider
  • label holder frame
  • 4 stainless steel bag boxes
  • 4 label holders for box
  • Delivery to metropolitan areas in Australia
  • On-site installation in metropolitan Australia, project managed by an expert enomatic technician
  • Access to our online troubleshooting portal
  • Software, which we need to discuss with you to quote on
  • Servicing packages beyond 12 month warranty
  • Additional cards beyond the three provided with your machine
  • Gas, due to Australian law – we will provide you with links to purchase directly from our trusted suppliers
Applicable Surcharges
  • Adapted to take larger format kegs, such as 10-30L KeyKegs
  • Delivery to regional Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands
  • Installation and training held on weekends
  • Installation and training in regional Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands
  • Airfreight for urgent orders
Free shipping to Australian metro areas

Frequently Asked Questions

Please find our full FAQs page here.

What is a wine pouring system and how does it work?

enomatic is a wine dispenser, which means it preserves, cools and serves wines by the glass.

Enomatics work by preserving the wine under a protective atmosphere of food-grade argon or nitrogen, which prevents oxygen entering into the opened bottle. Both gases are widely used in the food industry to preserve food and beverages, as they are odourless, tasteless and colourless. Above all, they are chemically inert, which means neither gas reacts with the wine.

After you open the bottle of wine, you insert a tube into the bottle and place it into the machine. The machine then inserts inert gas into the bottle, which prevents it from oxidising.

What size cask does the Unica Bag work with?

Unica Bag is designed to store 4 x 5L casks of wine.

We are able to customise your Unica Bag to work with 10L, 20L or 30L KeyKeys upon request.

How do I clean my machine?

Like all beverage dispensing systems (such as your espresso machine), there will always be some form of cleaning schedule to reduce build-up of residue and to prevent bacteria growth.

We recommend a simple clean each month with  food-grade citric acid, and then an additional sanitation clean every three months. Both of these are very simple, and we will send you both written and video instructions with your purchase. Your machine will also alert you when it is time to clean it – it's very smart/bossy like that.

What certifications do your machines have?

Made in compliance with the relevant international standards, enomatic® offers a safe, reliable product. It is the dedication to attention to detail in each piece of equipment that guarantees the high level of quality in all aspects – electrical safety, food safety and electromagnetic compatibility. Among other certifications, enomatic® dispensers are NSF® and UL® certified.

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