The following indicates the cleaning products recommended by the manufacturer.

For sanitisation:

  • drinking water
  • SANIPIU’ MUFFA KILLER FIRMA® chloroxidising detergent

To use, dilute 3ml of chloroxidising detergent in 750ml of cold water (max 25°C).

For cleaning and rinsing:

  • drinking water
  • citric acid (E330)

To use, dilute 15g anhydrous citric acid in 750ml warm water (max 30°C).

For cleaning the external surfaces of the machines:


To use, spray the product onto the surface. Leave the foam to act for about 5 minutes. Remove the detergent from all surfaces with a clean, soft cloth, then wipe the surface with a new clean cloth, dampened with some drinking water. Turn the cloth over to the clean side and dry the surface.