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Here are three reasons we vouch for enomatic machines in hotels and boutique accommodation:

Point of Difference

In a highly competitive industry, an enomatic can be a much-needed point of difference. Let your guest experience soar to new heights.

Additional revenue stream

Offering high-quality wines by the glass increases your potential revenue streams with high profit margins.

Reduced wastage

Offer an incredible experience while reducing your risk. An enomatic allows you to gift or serve wine to your customers without the wastage.

Use enomatic® either way:

Back Bar

Operated by your staff to offer higher end wines by the glass, enomatic® dispensers are designed to be a focal point and streamline service.


Let your guests serve themselves from the dispensers using custom wine cards, barcodes or QR codes. Create a unique, highly engaging experience.

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Step 1: Clarity Call

We always start by helping you decide which machine would work best with your business model. Then we provide you a quote with our special hospitality packages.

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Step 2: Financing Solutions

Once you're ready to move ahead, we invoice for a 50% deposit and set a date for installation. We partner with SilverChef, which can support you with financing.

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Step 3: Get Pouring!

On install day, we'll set up your machine/s on-site, and ensure you are trained up on how to use them. And then you can load them up with your favourite drops. We'll probably celebrate with a glass of wine.

Make it your own with

Custom Modular Compositions

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Yes, of course we offer financing options

We've partnered with SilverChef so you can finance the enomatic machine you want now, and hold onto the cash you need to run and grow your business.

Choose to Rent-Try-Buy over 12 months or Lease-To-Keep over four years. Whatever works best for you.

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We believed in the Enomatic system so much that we built our entire venue’s concept around them. There should be an Enomatic in every venue in the country!

— Troy Brown | Owner, Wineology Brisbane

Some of our hotels and accommodation clients in

Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands

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Frequently Asked Questions

Read all our FAQs here

What is a wine pouring system and how does it work?

enomatic is a wine dispenser, which means it preserves, cools and serves wines by the glass.

enomatics work by preserving the wine under a protective atmosphere of food-grade argon or nitrogen, which prevents oxygen entering into the opened bottle. Both gases are widely used in the food industry to preserve food and beverages, as they are odourless, tasteless and colourless. Above all, they are chemically inert, which means neither gas reacts with the wine.

After you open the bottle of wine, you insert a tube into the bottle and place it into the machine. The machine then inserts inert gas into the bottle, which prevents it from oxidising.

How long will a wine bottle last in an enomatic® machine?

A minimum of 21-30 days, but often longer. A higher alcohol, high tannin red wine tends to preserve for longer than a light white, for example, or a delicate rosé.

What gas do I need to use with my enomatic® machine?

You will need to use Nitrogen E941 or High Purity Argon E938 for all machines except Unica Bubbles, which uses food-grade carbon dioxide E290 100%. This will be a disposable or external cylinder, and is not included with your purchase.

Both gases are chemically inert, tasteless, odourless, inflammable and, of course, non-toxic. Argon is significantly heavier than air (and nitrogen, the main gas in the air), so it’s what we personally use and recommend. However, it is slightly more expensive. Nitrogen works well too, but the preservation effect of argon is slightly stronger.

We recommend SupaGas as a reliable Australia-wide supplier.

What warranty and maintenance is included?

A one year manufacturer's warranty is included in your purchase. You may also purchase extended warranty and servicing plans, which we recommend for our high-volume commercial customers.

We will send you a link to access our troubleshooting library too, which includes videos showing you how to fix the most common issues, such as a blocked tube or a Wifi connection issue. We want you to be able to get your machine back online as quickly as possible, and find that 99% of our servicing requests can be solved with these free videos.

How do the wine cards work?

All machines except the Unica Start and the EnoOne can be configured to use a physical access card, barcode or QR code. This is vital if you want to restrict who or how much someone can access the wine, and it also provides you with additional reporting capabilities.

Manager Card

The “manager card” is the master card, and can be used to change settings, such as temperature and network connections. All machines will use a manager card, regardless of whether they are in a private residence or a self-serve cellar door venue. This card can be configured to have a PIN to further restrict access.

Staff Card

The “staff card” is the next level of access, and can be configured to allow the changing of bottles, cleaning of the machines, and dispensing the wines. We can create as many staff cards as you need, which means you can have one for the whole venue, or each staff member can have their own card.

Customer Cards

This optional card type can be created to allow your customers to self-serve. The cards can be loaded with pre-paid credit, or the card can keep track of the bill to be settled at the end. Pre-loaded cards are also great for gifting.

With the smart card technology, cards can be reused thousands of times. Through your enoSoft software, you will be able to erase data on cards and reuse them for other customers.

All of these cards are configured to only work on your machines. Both a manager and staff card are included in your purchase.

Customer cards are an additional purchase, and can be enomatic® branded or customised with your own design.

How does the pour pricing work?

Pricing per pour can be created to a formula based on percentages of the bottle price, or custom built. You have complete control over what you charge – including freebies.

You also have complete control over how much you pour across the three with pour sizes up to 250ml. Examples include a taste (30ml), a small glass (70ml) and a standard glass (125ml), or a taste (30ml), a standard glass (125ml) and a large glass (200ml).

enomatic® can also automate your happy hour or promotional periods; the machines can be set to go into happy hour mode during specified days and times you choose. You can specify which wines in your inventory have happy hour pricing, which can be set manually or automatically generate a discount percentage based on price.

Do you offer financing?

We work with Silverchef on financing up to $65,000. You can get approval in under five minutes.

We know cash flow in business is key, and that enomatic® machines are an investment. We will work with you however we can to make it possible.